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Terms and Conditions

IMPORTANT NOTICE: By accepting these Terms of Conditions and using the products and services provided to you, you are bound by the terms and conditions listed hereafter and any wireless carrier “Service Agreement”, “Acceptable Use Policy”, or related document which governs a user’s responsible use of network resources and services as referenced by the respective wireless network. 




  1. By subscribing to our plans, you are agreeing to become a Member of the Rural Canada Wireless (or “RCW”) community. You (“you” or “Member”) are being provided an Internet access service (“Service”) through the RCW community.

  2. We are not involved in the creation or the provisioning of the Service. The Provider provides the Service over its wireless network, using cell sites and frequencies licensed by the IC. The Service is not available in all locations and will only be able within the operating range of the Provider’s network, which may change from time in the sole discretion of the Provider and RCW. 

  3. The Service may be disrupted or unavailable from time to time due to maintenance, emergencies, inclement weather or other factors outside of our control, or any of our partner’s control, including, but not limited to: natural disasters, network management policies, frequency mismatch, and geopolitical events. The Service and the related equipment needed to use the Service (“Equipment”) may not function in the event of a power failure or disruption, and you may be required to reset or reconfigure your modem or other hardware in order to use the Service thereafter. We assume no liability with regard to any failure or lack of performance of the Service.

  4. Use of the Service is subject to the Provider’s then-current acceptable use policy (the “Provider AUP”) and incorporated herein by reference; and end user terms and conditions (the “Provider T&C”). The Provider reserves the right to change its AUP or T&C at any time.


Device Attachment Rules


The equipment used to access Service must be the original equipment provided by us to be used during the duration of Membership. The device does not need to be returned upon the end of Membership. Membership constitutes ownership of membership and not ownership of any provided equipment (device) or carrier account and/or Service that the provided line is on. 


Membership Fees

Upon becoming a member, you are responsible for paying the first month of Service prior to receiving the equipment. Membership will renew one month after membership start-date, where membership dues will automatically be charged to the credit card on file. Credit card and membership Renewal Date may be changed at member’s request. None of our memberships include a contract and may be cancelled at any time.


14-Day Trial Period

If within 14-days of receiving the hotspot you are not satisfied with the Service, please contact us through our chat feature or email to receive a full refund and return shipping label. A restocking fee of 20 CAD applies on all returns. 


After the initial 14-day period, refunds on Memberships are expressly not allowed, besides where required or mandated by law. Devices do not need to be returned and is yours to keep. Members will be notified if the terms of their Service change, including our right to modify or stop service at anytime.  


Application-Specific Behavior

We do not own, operate, maintain, or control the Service, and do not engage in the blocking or rate-control of specific protocols or protocol ports, nor do we modify any protocol fields or inhibit or favor any applications or classes of applications.

Our services are not designed to be relied upon for the purpose of placing VoIP and/or e-911 calls. Removal of SIMs to be used in another device will result in service being disconnected.

Prohibited Behavior


RCW reserves the right, without notice or limitation, to restrict, deny, terminate, end, modify, disconnect, or suspend Membership if an individual engages in any of the prohibited uses detailed below, or if RCW, in its sole discretion, determines action is necessary to protect the networks from harm or degradation. Voice and SMS usage are strictly prohibited.

Examples of prohibited uses:  Unsolicited or unauthorized advertising of email, telemarketing and/or fax. Activities adversely affecting the ability of other people or systems to use Service or other parties' Internet-based resources, including, but not limited to, "denial of service" (DoS) attacks against other network hosts or users.

You agree to release, indemnify, defend and hold harmless RCW and its representatives for failing to comply with these rules including any misuse of Service.

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